© Photo : Lucas Possiede

Our mission

“The whole world has been staring down the throat of the successive cataclysmic events of 2020: are we finally ready to leave the old world behind for good? This period that seemed, at first, anxiogenic and tragic, also offers the opportunity for a new start.”

Amanda Winnie Kabuiku, Founder and EIC of Naïfs Magazine

Revising the definition of a luxury magazine, we inject a decentralized ideal of beauty, culture, and glamour. Highlighting the unique facets of previously colonized — and under-represented — styles, we assign credit where credit is due.

Showcasing unique artists and key players in the fashion, pop culture, art, and music communities for their significant roles in social change, we rectify misnomers in modern history and open the lens from which high-end viewers can see a more holistic and global picture.