Our mission

Naïfs Magazine is a curated collection of the stories and messages that fashion, art, music, and culture express within a global narrative. The term ‘naïf” stems from various meanings: ingenious, innocent, ignorant. The term was often used historically to describe “folk” art, a.k.a non-European-educated. We take the term to heart, expressing pride and triumph in the origins of our cultures and those with which we identify. We give the floor to the creative directors, designers, influencers, artists, musicians, and figures who have disrupted culture by their very presence, contributions, and innovations.

Naïfs Magazine is daring and goes beyond fashion, art, and culture to celebrate a world of diversity and discovery through stunning extended interviews, exquisite artistry, bold photography, and cutting edge design. We collaborate with a team of writers, photographers, stylists, and make up artists who share the same vision: that our stories are valid. We favor multidisciplinary synergies to create a high-end publication with a unique footprint that looks like us – all of us!

© Photo : ilham Mohammed Said / Naïfs Magazine “What are you fighting for?”